EXPREME EXHAUST MANIFOLD EJ255/EJ257 Equal-Length for Single Scroll
Item# TMI-193105
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Product Description

EXPREME EXHAUST MANIFOLD EJ255/EJ257 Equal-Length for Single Scroll

4-2-1 Isometric Design for Optimum Results at High End RPM

With our ever popular EXPREME exhaust manifolds which is now used throughout the world. Our EXPREME Manifolds have received numerous high appraisals on all aspects of efficiency, durability and performance gains. Now with this new addition to the EJ25 user family we now have a manifold specifically to optimize the EJ25 true power output potential.

~ Perfect Pipe Size, All Equal Length. We designed the headers to be the 4-2-1 layout with φ42.7mm, φ45.0mm, φ60.0mm sizes to help extract the absolute maximum from your EJ25 turbine with the equal length design. The exhaust pressure is controlled best by this layout & you can see the peak power gains & at high RPM.

~ Stronger, More Precise Lost Wax Collector The Lost Wax process was used to eliminate cracking from welded weak points and for aiding smoother exhaust gas flow without any interference.

~ An All New Boxer Sound! You will have a new higher pitched racing sound from this isometric design. With 2.5mm thick pipes made from SUS304 stainless steel.